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Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)


Our real time TOFD inspection – RF B-Scan & D-Scan services is an answer to the disadvantages of Ultrasonic Testing by providing real-time permanent scan images with high sensitivity.

TOFD Technology is based on the effect of diffraction. Longitudinal wave are used providing full coverage of material between 2 probes. Defects signal is any do appear in addition to 3 reference signals:

  • Lateral wave (1)
  • Longitudinal wave back echo (2)
  • Mode conversion back echo (3)



  • Simple calibration
  • Fast and simple linear scanning
  • 100% raw data recording – second opinion is possible without doing secondary inspection
  • Very sure detection of compact and elongated defects including planar shape and sharp edges defects (cracks)
  • Detection is independent of defect orientation
  • Sizing is not dependent on amplitude of the signal
  • Superior inspection reliability
  • Accurate sizing
  • Reliable propagation monitoring
  • Hard copy evidence
  • Easy storage of data
  • Offline analysis

Sample discontinuity observed by using TOFD