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Radiography Testing (RT)

General Principles of Radiography

The part is placed between the radiation source and a piece of film.  The part will stop some of the radiation.  Thicker and more dense area will stop more of the radiation.

  • The energy of the radiation affects its penetrating power. Higher energy radiation can penetrate thicker and more dense materials.


  • The radiation energy and/or exposure time must be controlled to properly image the region of interest.
  • The film darkness (density) will vary with the amount of radiation reaching the film through the test object.


Radiography Interpretation of Weld Discontinuities:




  • Technique is not limited by material type or density.
  • Can inspect assembled components.
  • Minimum surface preparation required.
  • Sensitive to changes in thickness, corrosion, voids, cracks, and material density changes.
  • Detects both surface and subsurface defects.
  • Provides a permanent record of the inspection.