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Advanced Ultrasonic Mapping (A, B & C-Scan)

Our Advance Ultrasonic Corrrosion Mapping is a key method in most non-invasive inspection strategies. In order to inspect the range of components e.g. pipes, vessels, tanks etc. Energy Workforce uses multiple types of Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping which is versatile to provide accurate and reproducable fingerprints of material integrity.


Our real time Advanced Ultrasonic Testing equipment is capable of providing real-time scans in pulse echo (A-Scan), Side view (B-Scan), Top view (C-Scan) on the area of inspection.


  • Corrosion Mapping
  • Defect Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Blistering
  • Well Overlay Inspection


Presentation of the data by quantified color-coded maps showing the results in plan or section views aids the post processing process. For added visual enhancement, the data can be shown in 3-Dimensional format.


Our System can be deployed to suit any client requirements from nozzle mapping to well imaging