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Computed Radiography (CR)

Our Computed Radiography (CR) service adds value by providing online thickness values of piping (up to 6 inches) with out removing insulation. This technique has excellent applications at high temperature service lines, highly corroded areas where Ultrasonic is not possible



  • Wide dynamic latitude
  • less film usage
  • less time
  • one exposure approach
  • Less retakes because of a wide dynamic latitude
  • Dose reduction due to shorter exposures
  • Reduced time in result processing
  • Longevity, reusable up to 20,000 times
  • Image Enhancement permits easier viewing
  • High Image Sharpness
  • Image Exportation
  • Annotations
  • Environment

These are the sample of our Computed Radiography that have been utilized:

Corrosion Monitoring


Sludge Detection


Piping Wall Loss